The Secret to Making the Perfect Tea

Everybody knows how to make tea, right? It’s the easiest thing, you just boil water and pour it over some leaves…Well, after 22 years of living on Earth, I’ve now just discovered how to make a decent up of tea… and it changed my life. I used to force myself to gulp down bitter green/black tea just because I read about their health benefits. But now I genuinely enjoy it. I am excited to have my cup of tea every morning not only because of how good it makes me feel, but also because of how good it tastes!


I’ve discovered these tricks after visiting a teahouse where the server explained in detail the process of making the perfect tea. I was so surprised when I realized that he seeped the tea for only 20-30 seconds. He swirled the hot water over the leaves and then removed them right away! I like to think that I had my first real cup of tea at that teahouse.

  1. The Teapot: I received mine as a present for Christmas (this one) and it’s perfect! It keeps the tea perfectly warm and it is the right size for what I need. Do you only drink one cup? Get an infuser. Do you prefer a more traditional look? Get an arare teapot. Get whatever works best for you.
  2. The Tea: My advice is to always try different teas. Green, black, white, rooibos, etc. Try new tea shops, and don’t be afraid to mix and match. There are so many flavours that you can discover through these hot drinks, take this opportunity to explore! My current favourite is the Detox from Kusmi Tea (a mix of green tea and lemongrass)
  3. The Water Temperature: Remove the water from the heat when it is simmering, right before it boils. Especially for green tea! Using water that is not extremely hot brings out the delicate aroma of any tea.
  4. The Seeping: Seep for a minimal time, for stronger teas, seep for 1 minute. For herbal teas (tisane), seep for 2-4 minutes. I remember being afraid that my tea wouldn’t taste like anything if I left it in for only a minute (and even less sometimes), but it always ends up perfect!

When you order tea from a café (Starbucks and such) and they leave the tea bag in the water, make sure you remove it right after you pay. Trust me, it really enhances all the delicate flavours and you won’t get that unpleasant bitterness.

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Patricia Roca

Why is life worth living? That’s a very good question. Well, there are certain things I guess that make it worthwhile. Like what? Okay, for me, I would say, dogs, post cards, cafés, hats (especially berets), Paris, stationary, soy lattes, Les Miserables, string lights, and barrettes.

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