Week Two: The Vegan Transition

It’s officially been 2 weeks since turning *vegan*! I am sitting at a café, having a matcha drink (typical), and thinking of all the changes that are going on in my body & mind. I am on this incredible journey, and I want to share it (and add my voice to the ever-growing dialogue). So, here are some of the changes that I’ve noticed in myself this week!


1) I’ve been eating wayyy too much fast food. This switch in my diet/lifestyle seems to have given me a(n) (in)valid reason to go all out and eat all the burgers, ice cream, cookies, noodles that I can get my hands on. I would never eat skittles before, but now that I realize that they’re vegan, why not eat a pack a day? I’m working on finding a balance! I am simply so excited about it all that I can’t help but buy and eat everything.

2) I am angry: with the world, with myself in the past, and with this animosity that people seem to have against a cause that is about compassion. A switch “flipped” in my mind and now, everywhere I look, I see murder, barbarity, and futile violence. I see animal corpses everywhere and it is sickening…I realize how easy it could be for some people to make the switch and how much difference it would make in the world. We are destroying life, the planet, our health, not because we need to, but because we feel like we are entitled to it. We seem to have this obsession with eating animal products (to even mention the idea of cutting back on some products can cause a riot). Meat and dairy consumption seem to be intertwined with people’s sense of self and it can cloud the ability to learn and think critically… It’s just a period where I have to realize that our world is definitely not a vegan one, and that it is not ready for veganism just yet. I just need to focus on my own actions and do the best that I can.

3) I love cooking! I knew that before, of course,  but now it seems that I have a deeper connection with the food that I make or eat. I love discovering new ingredients, finding new recipes and even creating my own. There are so many great videos, cookbooks, blogs, and instagram accounts that are solely dedicated to vegan cooking and I am obsessed! I watch them all day in the hopes of learning some tips & tricks to mastering vegan cooking.

4) It’s really easy, easier than I’ve ever imagined. If you took some time to research well, everything will fall into place. Obviously, living in a big city helps a lot in terms of eating out and finding special vegan products (cheeses, fake meats, etc), but those are extras! Eating vegan at home can be so easy, just stock your pantry up with veggies, fruits, legumes and rice/pasta and you’re pretty much all set! For eating out, most waiters/waitresses are accommodating and can just ask the chef to remove cheese or butter when preparing the dish!

6) I am slightly embarrassed about it in front of specific people. I am terrified that I am talking too much about it, that I sound annoying or that my lifestyle choice is a nuisance to others. However, I really am proud of myself for taking this step in my life, so I just need to do me!

5) I got a new deodorant, and it’s vegan and cruelty-free! I just went to the grocery store, read labels and used google, and found this lavender scented deodorant. It works great so far. Goodbye Dove!


6) I’m having a lot of fun!!! You may have already noticed since I use about 3 exclamation points per paragraph. I love it; I feel good, at peace, and I feel like I am making a difference (as little as it may be). I am discovering and exploring new things and it feels great!


The discovery of the week:

If you’re in the area of Montreal, Atelier Vegana offers vegan cooking classes where you can learn how to make sweets, pizzas, pasta, etc. I absolutely love going to cooking classes and I am so glad that there is a vegan version out there!

Here is their website: https://ateliervegana.com

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Patricia Roca

Why is life worth living? That’s a very good question. Well, there are certain things I guess that make it worthwhile. Like what? Okay, for me, I would say, dogs, post cards, cafés, hats (especially berets), Paris, stationary, soy lattes, Les Miserables, string lights, and barrettes.

3 thoughts on “Week Two: The Vegan Transition

  1. I definitely relate to all six of these points, including the new deodorant! (I use Tom’s)
    Good luck in your journey. 🙂


  2. Your first point is so so relatable! When I went vegan I found myself constantly craving sugar and bread just from having to cut out other non-vegan baked goods. So so glad it gets easier over time! 🙂


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