Top 5 Vegan Discoveries: Spring Edition

Here is a list of my 5 favourite vegan products that I discovered recently. Each is as great as the other!

1. Vegan Antiperspiant: Green Beaver


I’ve been on the hunt for a good vegan deodorant for months and months…and I finally found it! All the deodorants I’ve tried in the past would wear off after a couple of hours (or minutes). This is especially difficult when you are on the run all day (at school, work, or public transportation) and you feel like you *stink*. I was delighted to find out that Green Beaver started selling a vegan and cruelty-free antiperspirant. It stays on all day, it has a pleasant smell and you only need to apply it once a day. It really has made my life a lot better and significantly less stinky.


2. Vegan Milk Chocolate: ichoc Super Nut


As a vegan, I often miss the taste of milk chocolate (my vice in my younger years). I‘ve tried all kinds of vegan options but I was never satisfied…until I discovered this chocolate. Trust me, you have to try it! You know it’s good when your non-vegan family members prefer it to real milk chocolate.


3. The Best Vegan Yogurt: SoJade So Soja!

IMG_5985 2

Yogurt is another product that does not have great vegan options, at least in Canada. So when I saw this new brand in stores I was a little skeptical. That all changed when I tasted it–the French really got it right. The myrtille flavour is delicious and it tastes even better than real yogurt.


4. The Best Coffee Plant Milk: Pacific Foods Barista Series Soy Milk


This plant-milk is hands down the best one for coffee. it foams perfectly for lattes or other specialty drinks (matcha latte, macchiato, etc) and it tastes great for filtered coffee too. It has a great texture/taste and it’s my absolute favourite.


5. Vegan Ramen: SOON Veggie Noodle Soup


I wasn’t a fan of packaged ramen noodles until my friend recommended this brand to me. It is unlike any other that I’ve tried before, it actually tastes good. It’s delicious and my weekly guilty pleasure.

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Patricia Roca

Why is life worth living? That’s a very good question. Well, there are certain things I guess that make it worthwhile. Like what? Okay, for me, I would say, dogs, post cards, cafés, hats (especially berets), Paris, stationary, soy lattes, Les Miserables, string lights, and barrettes.

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