Montréal Vegan Restaurants: Where to Dine (with non-vegan friends)?

If you are like me and are the only vegan in your circle of friends & family, this guide is for you! No more eating salads at smokehouses or only getting the side fries. There are so many great restaurants in Montréal, and more and more are adding vegan options. Here is a list of my all-time favourite restaurants—some are fully vegan and some have delicious vegan options—so that everyone can enjoy!

Restaurant Radis

This is the best fully-vegan restaurant in Montréal, hands-down! Situated in the heart of the Mile-End, this charming place serves authentic Italian food, but veganized. The wine is good, and the food even better! Almost everything on the menu is a must-eat: the Margherita pizza, the pizza di Eva (topped with Beyond sausages), the cavatelli, and ravioli. The entrées are stellar: especially the “mozzarella” served with tomatoes and the fried “calamari“. The chef prepares the pasta and “cheeses” herself. Fresh and delicious: this restaurant is a must for Italian food lovers (so, everyone).

Pizza Margherita & Pizza Di Eva
Vegan Mozzarella with Tomatoes
Pizza Di Eva
Cavatelli with Beyond Sausage
Mushroom Ravioli (Incredible!)
Vegan Fried Calamari
Pistachio Cannolis
Le Super Qualité: Snack Bar Indien

Delicious South Indian food with vegan options: Le Super Qualité serves mouth-watering snacks and thali. The vegan menu includes fried okra, masala dosa, and the weekly vegetarian thali. Just make sure you ask for the vegan options, so that they don’t butter your chapati. The food is incredibly flavourful and delicious! Special mentions: the tamarin chutney and sambar are the best I’ve ever had (both are served as accompaniment).


Fried Okra with Tamarin Chutney (A Must)
Masala Dosa & Sambar
Vegan Thali of the Week
No 900

This is the perfect pizzeria to bring your non-vegan friends and family to! There are many locations around Montréal and they serve a delicious vegan Marinara pizza  (if you ask to hold the Romano cheese). The pizzas are Neapolitan style and tasty.


Marinara Pizza, with no Romano
Mai Xiang Yuan Dumplings

With two locations in Montréal, Mai Xiang Yuan has the absolute best dumplings in Montréal (vegan or not). They taste just like the ones I ate in China. They also serve an authentic cucumber salad that you must try! For vegans: they have tofu dumplings and mushroom dumplings. For non-vegans: the best are the pork and leek dumplings and the beef and coriander dumplings. I recommend getting any type steamed or boiled!


Cucumber Salad: A Must
L'Gros Luxe

This restaurant is perfectly made to accommodate different type of diets—the vegetarian/vegan menu and the regular menu are even printed on different cards! This restaurant has it all: vegan grilled cheese, vegan poutine, vegan tacos, vegan fried chicken, and their non-vegan counterparts. They also serve a chocolate & hazelnut vegan ice cream that is to die for. Depending on the location, the “vegan fried chicken” could be only vegetarian (as it is sometimes made with eggs), so make sure to ask your servers to confirm.


Vegan Fried Chicken Tacos
Vegan Fried Chicken Burger & Vegan Poutine
Vegan Poutine
Vegan Chocolate Cake & Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Cream
Aux Vivres

Aux Vivres is a Montréal staple! It is a fully vegan restaurant that everyone can enjoy. My favourite dish is the Bol Mumbaï with potatoes, pakora, paratha, and chutney. They also make tasty salads and bowl. This is a slightly healthier option!

Bol Mumbaï

Gusta offers incredible vegan fast food; kebabs (a must eat), deluxe hot dogs, grilled cheese, cheese burgers, etc. You must get the Caesar salad, it will blow your mind. Right in front of the Jean Talon Market, it is a perfect spot to eat after a day of walking.

Caesar Salad
Deluxe Hot Dog
Kebab & Caesar Salad
Sumo Ramen

Two words: vegan ramen. This place is situated in the Chinatown and offers many vegan options (including vegan shrimp). There are many broth options (including a vegan miso broth), noodle options (the vermicelli and udon are vegan), and topping options. My favourite is the vegetable ramen with vegan miso broth, and vermicelli noodles. I highly recommend it!


Invitation V

For a fancy dinner in old Montreal, Invitation V is a fully vegan restaurant that serves everything from seitan bourguignon to fried tofu burgers. For entrée, the cauliflower tacos are to die for! The ambiance is nice and the staff is delightful.

Cauliflower Tacos
Tofu Burger
Seitan Bourguignon

I hope that this list will help you in choosing your next restaurant. Enjoy!


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