Quick & Easy Mango Sushi


I had some perfectly ripe mangos laying around and I wasn’t sure how to incorporate them in my meals… when I thought about my high school days when my friends and I would visit an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant after school. Despite the lack of freshness and originality of the restaurant (that is another story), all three of us were obsessed with the *mango sushi*. There is something about the freshness and boldness of a mango that really works with nori and rice. So, I decided to recreate those rice rolls! I tried to use healthier ingredients (I decided to ditch the plant-based mayo) and tried to make it more simple. I was finished with my rolls in 10 minutes…and I am slow in the kitchen. Hope you enjoy this simple recipe!

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Vegan Travels: Québec City

It can be a difficult task to travel as a vegan, especially to places where eating meat is part of the typical tourist experience. Québec city, being one of those places, turned out to be a secret vegan haven. I was expecting to have some trouble finding restaurants that offered vegan options, but I was pleasantly surprised! With terrine shops at every corner, Québec also has its share of delicious plant-based foods. All the restaurants we found were excellent and I expect to return to all of them on my next visit.

Let this post be a food lover’s guide to eating vegan in Québec City! I included all the restaurants we ate at in chronological order and also included some touristic spots I loved visiting. Get ready to scroll, this will be a long post!

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