Montréal Vegan Restaurants: Where to Dine (with non-vegan friends)?

If you are like me and are the only vegan in your circle of friends & family, this guide is for you! No more eating salads at smokehouses or only getting the side fries. There are so many great restaurants in Montréal, and more and more are adding vegan options. Here is a list of my all-time favourite restaurants—some are fully vegan and some have delicious vegan options—so that everyone can enjoy!

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Vegan Travels: Québec City

It can be a difficult task to travel as a vegan, especially to places where eating meat is part of the typical tourist experience. Québec city, being one of those places, turned out to be a secret vegan haven. I was expecting to have some trouble finding restaurants that offered vegan options, but I was pleasantly surprised! With terrine shops at every corner, Québec also has its share of delicious plant-based foods. All the restaurants we found were excellent and I expect to return to all of them on my next visit.

Let this post be a food lover’s guide to eating vegan in Québec City! I included all the restaurants we ate at in chronological order and also included some touristic spots I loved visiting. Get ready to scroll, this will be a long post!

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Vegan Montreal: Sushi Momo

Sushi Momo is a sensation! From the miso soup to the selection of futomaki, the flavours and textures are mind-blowingly delicious. There is an element of surprise to the entire experience. You walk in and you wonder: “Can vegan sushi actually have some merit and not be completely boring?” and you walk out with a completely new perspective. Obviously there will be more room for creativity and originality when you work with something as diverse and wide-ranging as vegetables, fruits, nuts, and spices…

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Vegan Montreal: LOV

Lov, one of the trendiest restaurants in Montréal at the moment, also turns out to be a vegetarian/vegan eatery. Everything on their menu is vegan and you have the choice to add cheese, or a poached egg on some selected dishes. Lov’s decor is very charming―its collection of interesting bits and bobs brings out a certain quirky quality to the place (notably a vintage typewriter, terrariums, and hanging nest chairs). The service is very good and quick, and the food is delicious. My favourite dish: the kimchi fries. It’s an absolute must-try!

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