Week Two: The Vegan Transition

It’s officially been 2 weeks since turning *vegan*! I am sitting at a café, having a matcha drink (typical), and thinking of all the changes that are going on in my body & mind. I am on this incredible journey, and I want to share it (and add my voice to the ever-growing dialogue). So, here are some of the changes that I’ve noticed in myself this week!

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Week One: The Vegan Transition

I have officially transitioned to veganism! Hurray!!! For years now, I’ve been slowly incorporating more and more plant-based foods into my diet. It was getting to a point where the only time I ate dairy or meat was when I was invited to dinner. It was time, and today marks my 1 week veganersary. I am extremely happy with my choice and here is what I’ve learned so far (in such little time).

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Debunked: ”I Have No Time to Eat Healthy”

I often hear my friends and family members say that they don’t have enough time to eat healthy, or that they eat out everyday because they can’t find the time to make their own meals. Well, fear not, Patricia is coming to the rescue! I have some tips for all of you that think (yes, think!) that they have no time in their day to prepare delicious & healthy meals. We are bringing the term “fast food” to another level!

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The Secret to Making the Perfect Tea

Everybody knows how to make tea, right? It’s the easiest thing, you just boil water and pour it over some leaves…Well, after 22 years of living on Earth, I’ve now just discovered how to make a decent up of tea… and it changed my life. I used to force myself to gulp down bitter green/black tea just because I read about their health benefits. But now I genuinely enjoy it. I am excited to have my cup of tea every morning not only because of how good it makes me feel, but also because of how good it tastes!

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