Summertime Peach Crumble

It’s peach season! And what better way to celebrate than by making a delicious peach dessert? This recipe is delicious. I could eat the crumble on its own―it is sweet (but not too sweet), crunchy (thanks to the pecans) and really well-balanced. This is the perfect summertime dessert! The recipe is loosely based on Minimalist Baker’s “Easy Peach Crisp”―I decided not to use any sugar (but substitute it for maple syrup instead) and added some extra goodness to the peach filling.

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Summer Sweet Treat: Rhubarb & Strawberry Compote

Summertime is the perfect time for cold, and sweet snacks. I, myself, have a huge sweet tooth―if I could, I would eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Since I am trying to be the healthiest that I can be, it’s not such a good idea… I have a perfectly simple snack for all those hot summer days where you just want to indulge without guilt. Seriously, no guilt at all. This recipe has 2 ingredients (strawberry and rhubarb) and both come straight from the earth. No added sugar, no fuss―it can’t get any easier than this! Rhubarb tastes like sour green apple, and when mixed with strawberry, it’s sweetness comes out amazingly! Furthermore, it does wonders for our general health. Here is an article where you can find all the amazing benefits of rhubarb.

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